» » How to Get Government Grants to Start a Business in 6 Easy Steps!

How to Get Government Grants to Start a Business in 6 Easy Steps!

How to Get Government Grants to Start a Business in 6 Easy Steps!

Did you ever think of getting cash from the government for free? And do you think Uncle Sam will give out government grants to start a business? You may find this idea unbelievable, but free government grants are waiting out there for entrepreneurs like you!

There are different types of grants from the government that you can qualify for. The US government has different kinds of programs for helping you start your own small business.

There are lots of funding programs dedicated to businesses. But that doesn’t mean all those grants are dedicated to start-ups. Still, it can’t hurt if you give it a try. But be aware of those scams trying to squeeze money out of your pocket. Follow these steps to learn how to get government grants to start a business.

  1. Start at the government’s website. Maybe you have been there before. Still, if you know how to use the advanced search tools it can make a whole lot of difference. Actually that is how so many people were able to unearth lucrative grant opportunities. Just run your search with and without the advanced search option and you’ll be amazed to view what a great difference it can make.
  2. Begin by clicking the link titled ‘Grant Search’. When this loads, you can just hit the ‘Advanced Search’ tab. This is where you select a few categories on grant eligibility.
  3. So you’re at the ‘Advanced Search’ webpage, right? You have to now check that box labeled ‘Open Opportunities.’ This allows you to view whatever grants are available at the moment.
  4. Check on the box titled ‘Closed’ or ‘Archived’. This lets you view the approved grants and the type of projects that won those grants. This means you’re getting an idea on what wins and what loses!
  5. Then is the time to scroll down towards the ‘Search by Eligibility’ box, and select from those business-related options. When you have clicked on the first selection, you have to hold down your keyboard’s control key as you keep making more selections. This makes sure that all the selections are highlighted.
  6. Here are some ideas on a few categories that are mostly significant when you are looking for info on how to get government grants to start a business:

Small businesses
For-profit organizations, except small businesses
Unrestricted (this means it’s open for all types of entities)

Did you know that the U.S. government gives out billions in grants to over 18 million people annually? Well I do, since I received over ,000 to start-up my new business.