» » Recommended Advisory Use of Fairfx and Other Debit Cards

Recommended Advisory Use of Fairfx and Other Debit Cards

Recommended Advisory Use of Fairfx and Other Debit Cards

Like other financial products, you will find some prepaid debit cards that are better than others. That is why you need to properly research, read reviews and go through comparison tables to find the best prepaid debit card for you.

Phones 4 U Prepaid Card

The Escape prepaid MasterCard, brought to you from EZ Pay Ltd which is a part of the vast Phones 4 U group, is a kind of pay as you go chip and PIN card that functions similarly to a pay as you go mobile. Here, you spend only the amount that you have topped up and there is no danger of incurring a transaction or monthly fee. It offers you a card for which you don’t have to provide any ID proofs (but with lower limits). If you don’t want any restrictions, you can provide your ID proof and all restrictions will be withdrawn. It can be used across millions of retail outlets worldwide.

Fairfx Currency Cards

These currency cards are a game changing step forward in the way consumers will be able to spend money while at home or abroad, during traveling, for business or for internet transactions. They can help save consumers up to 65% of the cost incurred while using their UK debit/credit cards. Fairfx card holders will get lending rates on foreign exchange that is being offered to businesses. These chip and PIN cards are of great convenience, value and safe to use while abroad. Backed by MasterCard, they are accepted all over the world in ATMs, stores etc.

The Fairfx Anywhere Card can be used in any currency, in any country and by any vendor who displays the MasterCard acceptance logo. Essentially, what it does is that it converts the funds which are in pound sterling to the applicable currency at the time of sale.

Benefits of Prepaid Cards for Abroad Usage

People are increasingly realizing the advantages that prepaid cards offer during holidays and business trips abroad.

Prepaid cards offer significant security benefits. You no longer need to carry a great amount of cash in foreign currency while abroad. You can now withdraw small amounts from ATM kiosks to make purchases or pay for something. They are accepted in millions of establishments’ world wide and offer competitive exchange rates.

They are also an excellent way to keep a tab on your spending abroad as you will not get an opportunity to spend more than what you have pre loaded on your card.

Clearly, the benefits of prepaid debit cards are there for all to see. Whether you want to use them locally or in foreign locations, you will be enjoying the many advantages these plastic cards have to offer.

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