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Balance Transfer HSBC Credit Card

Balance Transfer HSBC Credit Card

Many consumers consider so many things while shopping for a credit card. This may be a low interest rate or one that has reward programs like cash backs and rebates. However, there are other features that the credit card shopper looks out for while shopping for a card. One such thing is what is known as a balance transfer credit card. These are cards that are designed to consolidate the credit card holders credit card debt onto just one single card. This enables the holder to save money on interest charges. A common feature with such cards nowadays is that they now charge a low introductory APR rate of interest on balance transfers on credit cards.

One of these cards is the HSBC Platinum MasterCard with Cash Back rewards. This card guarantees the holder unlimited shopping restrictions and great cash back offers. These rewards include a full 1% cash back on every card purchase that the holder makes with the card regardless of place or amount. However, the most outstanding aspect of this card is the fact that it allows for balance transfers at an outstanding rate of 0% for the first one year. This is a very exceptional offer since the card holder does not worry about any other expenses in the first year except the monthly billings.

The card also has a special introductory rate of 0% APR on all card purchases for up to 12 months and an APR as low as +3.99% on the total purchases. Another great aspect of the card is the fact that the client gets Platinum benefits in the form of purchase protection, extended warranties on your card and rental car insurance on you automobiles.

Other attractive features of the card include a 100% fraud liability protection which protects you in case of a fraud. This applies automatically from the moment it is reported. MasterCard Platinum benefits also include Purchase Assurance coverage which protects you from any kind of theft or damages on the new purchases you make, extended warranty insurance which doubles the manufacturers warranty on all the new purchases, MasterCard Global Services which gives you 24 “hour assistance on all stolen or lost card needs and finally, the card has acceptance at millions of specified locations worldwide including all online purchases and reservations.

You also get discounts from your MasterCard at many of the favourite merchants anytime you enrol for the service at www.mcnearby.com. This is surely a card you can count on during these hard economic times.