» » How to Maintain Control of Credit Card Debt While Unemployed

How to Maintain Control of Credit Card Debt While Unemployed

How to Maintain Control of Credit Card Debt While Unemployed

With the current state of the economy, the unemployment rate is creeping up and is higher than ever in many areas. Although the consumer is unemployed, the payments that are due on credit card accounts and other sources of consumer debt are simply not stopped, so how does one deal with debt while they are without work? Here are some tips and techniques that you can use to effectively manage your debt load – despite your unemployed status.

Rely on Your Savings. In the case that you have developed an emergency fund or savings account, this is the time to use it. The time between now and when you are seeking a new job is the crunch time when it comes to your finances. Use your emergency fund wisely to cover only what you need, not what you want. Now is the time to set a budget and really determine your wants and you needs, only when you learn to differentiate between these two is when you can truly begin to save the money that you require for your expenses.

Use Credit card insurance to cover minimum payments. If you have enrolled in credit card insurance than now is the time to use it. This credit card insurance is used in times like these to ease the stress on the finances that can come with unemployment. Although these costs may come at a monthly fee – you will be thankful that you have signed up for protection in the past.

Cut back. While you are unemployed and searching for a job it is time to cut your expenses down to the bare minimums. Consider cutting back the cable programs that are available or getting rid of the extra cost of a cell phone each month. Wherever you can find a way in the budget to save a couple of bucks, your wallet is going to thank you in the end.

Know your expenses. Now it is time to determine what your monthly expenses are. Knowing these monthly expenses allows you to find the money in the budget to repay debt when you know exactly how much is to be paid to each account, every month. Do not allow yourself the opportunity to overspend in any one category, as it can lead to stresses on other parts of the finance.

Find more money. Liquidate your assets or take advantage of personal loans from friends and family members. Now is the time that you should do whatever it is that you need to that will enable you to make it from month to month. Searching for a new job can be stressful; you don’t want to add on the stress of being unable to pay the monthly bills.