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Tuxedo MasterCard® Prepaid Card

Tuxedo MasterCard® Prepaid Card

The new Tuxedo Prepaid card is for everyone. You won’t need to go through any credit checks and you don’t even need a bank account. You can open it up like a regular account by having your salray or wages paid directly into your eccount and set up multiple standing orders and direct debit payments. You get ?5 free on your first top up.

Backed by Mastercard you can use it in 26 million locations around the world as well as 1.2 million ATMS’s and evenonline.

Main Features summarised

Manage your money:

  1. Check you balance 24hrs a day, online by text or by phone and get “low balance” text alerts.
  2. Share money between cards.
  3. View your balance online or by mobile phone.


  1. You can store money off your card eccount for extra security.
  2. Block and Unblock cards whenever you want.


  1. Top-up your card as you go with over 36,000 locations in the UK, incl paypoints and the Post Office.
  2. Top-up online by bank transfer or by sending in cheques.


  1. You can Pay bills, spend in-store and shop online.
  2. Set up standing orders and direct debit payments.

Withdraw Cash:

Withdraw cash from over 1.2 million ATM’S Wordwide.