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Get Ready to Apply for Gas Cards

Get Ready to Apply for Gas Cards

With the time of financial difficulties and expensive energy prices, nearly all Americans look for options to save as many bucks as possible. Looking for options to save especially on gas is no longer just a lifestyle choice or an advocate nowadays. The time of financial difficulties is simply the reason. Whenever you’re looking for ways to get savings on gas expenses, one way is to apply online for a gas credit card.

The reason is very simple: you get bonus points, or discounts and rebates each time you use your card for your fuel purchases. The amount of rebate, discount or cashback varies depending on the card issuer. There are some issuer that give a three-percent discount, while other issuers can give as much as five-percent. Whatever the card provider, the typical factor is that you get savings when you buy fuel using the gas card. Added up all the rebates, you can save a couple of hundred of bucks.

To apply for a gas credit card, you have to know what card to get first. Generally there are two different types: the first one is your standard card, while the other one is specifically a gas card. The difference lies in who offers the discount, points or rebate and credit. For the regular card, it’s usually a card company like Visacard, MasterCard, Capitol One, Discover Credit Cards etc. However for the gas card, it’s the particular fuel station or gas company, for instance Texaco, Chevron, Exxon etc. But more or less, both work the same way and use the cash back system.

You want to know how you can save with these cards: For credit cards, card companies share part of their commissions from gas stations with you, thus the source of the discount. For gas companies, you can call it as a loyalty discount. Since you use their card to buy gas from them more often, they give you a discount to maintain your patronage. So, ideally, it’s a win-win situation. You can save a lot of dollars, and gas companies get to earn.

But there are things to watch out for when applying for a gas credit card. In any case you should know something about their terms and conditions. Take some time to read and understand it. There are some important things: First, you should look for limited time offers, often discount is available only for the first six month. In many cases complete monthly payments as condition is needed. If you get delayed payment, you’ll lose your discount. Another important fact is the availability of participating gas stations. As an example, the desired gas card may provide huge rebates, but it’s only accepted at the filling station at the other end of the city. There are some more details to consider, so again, read the terms and conditions of the credit card offers.

Once you watch out for the fine prints of the card and gas issuers, for example Santander Mastercard credit cards, and fully understand and accept them, then starting to get savings is a done deal. By using the cash back system and the discounts and bonus points that issuers offer, you get to save the more that you purchase. Though it sounds improbable, it’s absolutely not. Just be clever and keep to the terms, and you’ll be all right. So if you’re looking to get savings on your gas purchases, you should apply for a gas credit card.